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Learn How To Pack And Move Your A.C. When Relocating To A Different City With Packers And Movers In Bhubaneswar

To wrap and air conditioner you might think it’s easy to toss the A.C. into the box and seal it but in reality the things goes differently. If you are shifting your house within #Bhubaneswar and planning to take you’re A.C. with you which are but obvious then a proper technique of #Packing and #Moving is crucial.

Clean the A.C. unit

Whether you are shifting within the same city or to a long destination place cleaning the object is necessary. So without wasting time starts cleaning you’re A.C. unit which ensures a clean product and as well ensures that it is working fine and will work properly in the new walls of new house. However in packing you can take help from Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar which may help you to clean the product, rap it #safely and relocate securely.

Household Shifting In Bhubaneswar

Unplug the air conditioner:

the best way to clean you’re A.C. is to unplug the air conditioner from its power source.

Remove it from wall or window:

wherever you’re A.C. is whether on the wall or hanging tightly on window make sure to remove you’re A.C. from its place for making the cleaning process easy.

Clean the outside:

Make sure to clean the outer body of air conditioner by wiping down a clean wet cloth and again dry it out to avoid messy hand prints.

Take off the front cover:

after cleaning form outer body it’s time to take out the front cover so that you can clean the filters from inside.

Clean the filter:

as said to remove your front cover take a clean cloth and clean the filter safely and if needed then change it.

Reassemble the unit:

as you go with the cleaning tasks make sure to again reassemble the units of air conditioner.

Give it a test run:

as you have clean the filters and even take off the front cover check the air conditioner with a test run that the equipments you have placed again are in the right way they have to be and also do you’re A.C. is working right again or not.

Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar To Bangalore


  •         Materials you may need to pack your air conditioner:
  •         Hard moving box or some electronic box
  •         Packaging paper or newspaper
  •         Packing tape
  •         Bubble wraps or thermacols
  •         Permanent marker

Pack the A.C. unit

Now it’s time to pack the air conditioner for moving to another city with Packers and Movers in Bhubaneswar Local. So we have discussed the cleaning process with the supplies list you may need to pack your air conditioner; so let’s check out the process of packing.

Shut it off:

if you have skipped the cleaning process then your first step is to shut off your air conditioner so that the coil gets dry and time to cool down before you start packing it.

Pack with newspaper:

not having packing paper is okay as alternative you can use newspaper to pack your air conditioner. Fold the newspaper with two turns and now pack the one surface with it by holding tightly with packing tapes this is how you need to pack the total surface of the air conditioner and @ the end give a layer of bubble wrap.

Box it up:

the crucial step to hold and pack it into its corresponding box starts now. Inbox your air conditioner safely remembering that the box should be of equal size as the A.C. is and however if any space still remains then cover it by putting thermacols all side.

Label the box:
as you pack the A.C. into the box now your duty is to label it with HANDLE WITH CARE mark because such products are sensitive and a single mistake while Loading and Unloading can give a damage mark to your product. So better to have this mark so that even you and your shifter and movers can identify that inside this box something sensitive item exist.

Hire professional packers and movers Bhubaneswar

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