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Guess, Who Will Conquer The “Best Moving Day Title”, Monday or Sunday or May Be…?

Monday or Sunday or may be Tuesday ohhh... it’s so confusing what day to pick for a move, picking a moving day by playing a game like Akkad bakkad bambey bo its fun and mysterious because we are not sure that the day we picked will bring what to us, and we can't take that risk, off course not when its about our precious possessions, Ya! Right folk. Nobody can tell us about better than the one who is engaged in this job on a daily basis just like Movers and that's why after analysing the 95,000 move Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar is giving the best day award to..... For knowing the winner lets start the game.
  • Friday is topping the chart being most popular celebrity.
  • Sunday elected us least favourite, but cheapest day.
  • Tuesday elected us being the most expensive.

A. Why Sunday Is The Cheapest Day For The Move?

On a sample basis Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar looked in the average quotation received and discovered that Sunday was the cheapest day while Tuesday being the most expensive on the list for moving house.

Sunday is proven least favourite day by the household movers only 4 to 5% people prefer choosing these day for a move, maybe that’s why Movers have low cost quotation on this day just to attract the customers.

Second award for being the cheapest goes to Wednesday on an average it is found that Wednesday quotations are 21% cheaper than the overall moving cost.

Whereas, Tuesday will hold second award for being the second most popular day for household moving. Do you know movers found that average cost of Tuesday is 44% more than the Saturday and 56% from the Sunday.

If you want to choose the cheapest day than go for Wednesday, Sunday, Saturday also sees if your timing is set with them or not.

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B. Entry Of Our Celebrity- Friday:

Do you know almost 37% of the household movers prefer to move in new house on Friday and after that comes Saturday as the second winner for the best day. People normally prefer these two days as the weekend is near so that they can comfortably complete their move, unpack and settle down without any rush, we all know how tedious moving is so having plenty of time in hand is must for its perfect completion.

Sunday is the least popular when comes to moving because on Sunday banks are closed, estate agents, lawyers and a whole range of other services are out of hours so in case of need what we will do, nothing then waiting for next day. Whatever day you are choosing, #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Bhubaneswar will try their best to serve you the excellent services.

C. Why People Prefer Friday?

Friday is popular among the people for moving because its the gateway for the weekend, means you are getting three days off to get settled down in new home and even you can unpack and arrange your belongings there. If you are availing whole package of moving services like from packing till arranging then bravo you will have plenty of time in your hand you can explore your new area, can search around and aware yourself from the routes type of #transportation you can easily get or anything you think you need to know. If you are thinking where to take the whole services, then let me tell you Packers and Movers in Bhadrak helps in almost all types of moving services.

Some points to keep in mind when moving in Friday:
  1. Booking your removal company in advance is must, as its the most popular day and demand is high also it will keep the cost down.
  2. Complete your move in the morning as transferring money after 3 is declined by the bank.
  3. If anything goes wrong with the plan and you get little delay then you have to wait till next working day for the transfer.
  4. Arrange your lawyer to complete pre completion work before the Friday so the things can go well, like signing mortgage deed, any issue with the fund clearing, or for any legal work.
  5. Complete your utilities related work before the Friday because if anything goes wrong you may have to wait till Monday.
  6. Remember to plan everything and work accordingly for any help on how to plan for a move you can check out Movers and Packers Sambalpur guide based on it.
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D. What, if not Friday?
  • If you can afford more extra days off work then opt to move in midweek like on Wednesday.
  • Choosing a Wednesday or a Sunday may also save up some cost as I already mentioned above, due to less demand you can get some offers on such days.
  • Generally you should opt working day to avoid rush and circumstances when thinks go wrong and you can’t do anything rather than waiting, also if anything is not right in your new home you can fix it quickly if its not a holiday.
  • Moving house on Saturday is a good option if you have completed all the formalities and work related to the move ahead of Saturday.

Packers and Movers Balangir estimate #moving #cost through removal survey, so feel free about the cost.